Prof.  Belobrzeckaja-Costa Larisa Nikolaevna (BelKosta)(BelKosta)
Larisa Nikolaevna

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Prof. Belobrzeckaja-Costa L. N.

Master in Chemistry (Russia, Saint Petersburg University, Department of Chemistry, 1983). Thesis: "Detailed investigation of the chemical imidization reaction of polyamidoacid". Specialization in Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry.


PhD in Industrial Chemistry (Italy, Milan State University, Scientific Research Doctorate in Industrial Chemistry, Joint Honours in Industrial Chemistry, 1997). Dissertation: "Synthesis and studies of the relationship between structure and properties of conjugated polythiophenes for using in electronic devices". Specialisation in Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Conducting organic Materials and Engineering Chemistry.

Belorzeckaja L.N. was as Professor in Visitor (Academic visitor) at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry CNR (Director Prof. G. Audisio) in Milan (Italy) during the scientific research studies of Doctorate in Industrial Chemistry.

Prof. Belobrzeckaja-Costa has interests in Radiochemistry (common aspects) and undertakes individual practical projects in the research of Cold Nuclear Fusion and of Radioecology problems. She writes a lot of publications dedicated to history of chemistry.

1997-2000 Fellowships for scientific research project of synthesis and characterization of conducting organic materials (thiphene's based molecules) at the Polytechnic of Milan and ICM CNR in Milan.

October 2002 Lectureships for "Synthesis and engineering design of conjugated conducting polymers and oligomers" at the Department of Organic Chemistry (Saint Petersburg University).

2000-2002 Teacher's experience: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of food, Macromolecular Chemistry, Science and so on at the different scientific colleges in Italy and as a lecture in the field of Organic conducting materials at the Chemical Department of the Saint Petersburg University and others.

At present moment Prof. Belobrzeckaja-Costa collaborate with the Scientific Research Centre "E. Piaggio" at the Engineering Department of Pisa State University, Italy.

Prof. Belobrzeckaja is writing the text-book: "Chemistry of inorganic and modern organic conducting materials".

University of Pisa was founded in 1343 and one of the oldest Universities in Italy. Pisa State University has a well-established and renowned tradition in basic science, and its scientific environment is extremely lively and stimulating. Prof. Enrico Fermi and others famous scientists worked here. The Department of Chemistry is one of the Italy's leading Scientific Departments. The Department was recently awarded support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Departments and laboratories of all over the world.

Experimental part of the scientific project (under the guide of Prof. D. De Rossi) will be conducted in the chemical laboratory of the Scientific and Technological Centre POLO "MAGONA" in Cecina /LI/ (Directors Prof. Eng. G. Nardini, S.Zanelli, L.Petarca) .


Most Important Publications

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